Thursday, July 23, 2009

Past PMS

My boys left yesterday (all 3 of them) to spend a couple weeks at Grandma's!! I kept telling myself, "What a great opportunity for uninterupted stamp time!!" I had all of the best intentions, all of the challenges I wanted to participate in laid out, ideas running through my head . . . but the lure of the couch, the clicker and the thought of getting to watch WHATEVER I wanted to in complete peace and quiet was too strong :0). I NEVER watch T.V., unless it's either a sports game or cartoons. So last night I indulged in a little HGTV and Food Network :0) Loved it . . .

But I do have a couple of cards from past PMS challenges that I never posted;
This first one was a sketch challenge for the July release party. I used this adorable rat stamp and coordinating sentiment. He looks like he forgot the birthday, but didn't forget to eat the cake!! Totally reminds me of Templeton from Charlotte's Web.
This next challenge was a little tricky and fun! It was an inspiration challenge to use this Hello Kitty picture:

I decided to dress Argus up Hello Kitty style!! And I thought it was perfect that he had a little bear friend, just like the picture :0) First I drew in a little bikini and bow on the bear. Then I drew a bow and cut it out for Argus. I drew in a nose and some eyelashes to make him more Hello Kitty -ish! I didn't have a soda stamp, but I did have an ice cream cone - goes well with the summer theme and doesn't it just look like he/she is ready to take a bite ?!? :0) I matted the image on some polka dot background and created a flower to tie in with the picture. I thinks it so fun how you can make your own images totally different than the original stamped version!

I'm hoping to get some quality stamp time in these next few weeks. Stay tuned !!
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Those are AWESOME!!!

    I have the same thing happen. Hubby takes the kids out for a couple hours and I should be able to make all sorts of pretties, and I end up spending an hour reading because I just don't get interrupted......

  2. these are absolutely adorable!!!!!

  3. Girl, I would be on that couch too! I'd probably have a pint of ice cream and a spoon with me too! LOL! Your cards are all so cute!! I love your style!

  4. Love these cards Randee! You are a PMS queen...LOL, you know what I mean :)

  5. Super fun and adorable! Love what you did with that Hello Kitty inspiration!

    (-: Heidi