Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Front Porch Beauties!

I think I've mentioned before that I'm a procrastinator . . . . In all aspects of life. But I justify that by telling myself I work better under pressure or with a deadline. So here's my latest success. I am just NOW getting around to planting my front porch flowers. Because our house is still under construction, I haven't been too concerned with the yard. But I wanted to get some color around the front of the house, so I planted two larger pots on either side of the front door. And here's how they turned out . . .

Tiger Eye Rudbeckya
Angelonia, Rudbeckya, Coleus
Front Porch Beauty
I thought they turned out beautiful. Instant gratification!! They make me smile as I pull into our driveway. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy them for the rest of the summer.

And here's a cute little story for you. My little guy was soo excited to help me and get his hands in the dirt!! What 5 year old little boy doesn't like to get dirty :0) He helped me get all of the plants out of the car. And then, all by his big boy self, lined up each pot along the whole length of our front porch - equally spaced even!! When I told him we had to take the plants out of the pots and put several of them together in the BIG pot . . . well he thought that was way too much fun. He helped me scoop the dirt and fill in around the plants. Thinking we were done, I went inside.

A couple of minutes later he came running in saying "Mom come look at what I planted, come look at MY flower!". I went outside to find him holding his plant. He had grabbed one of the empty containers, filled it with dirt and then "planted" a leaf right in the middle - a nice dried up dead one :0) He was soo proud and thought it was the coolest thing. Of course Mom was proud too. I had to grab my camera right away and take a picture of his adorable effort. We even watered it . . . we're hopeful :0)


Have bloomin' beautiful day!


  1. These are beauties! I just love that little story and pic of your son...totally reminds me of something my boys would do!

    (-: Heidi

  2. Love the combination you put together. So pretty and the photo Rudbeckya is amazing (looks fake).

  3. Beautiful plants my uncles own nurserys here in Cali and I love to go and see the plants and flowers. Your sons story is too cute, how innocent that is!