Monday, September 13, 2010

SA Reveal

The PMS gals decided to have a little fun and participate in a Secret Admirer of the stamping kind!! We each listed a little bit about our dislikes and likes in terms of stamping supplies, hobbies, collections etc and then we were randomly given a Secret Admirer to bestow our goodies upon!! I received Michelle Van Patten's name and had a fun time shopping and creating for her!

I was very excited to see my package arrive in the mail and was tickled to find out that the person who had MY name was the same person I had the first time we did a SA swap!! And just look at what Dawn Barrett sent me:

These cards are soo awesome!! I love the clean and simple style and of course all the colors against the white. She decided I needed to add some more bright cheery colors to my card making stash so her theme for my little package was a rainbow of color!!

There were several different handmade items that were to die for!! They all used this black red and yellow color combo. I love love the black and white print and the way the red and black pop!! Isn't that coordinting paperclip for the notebook awesome ?!?!

I had mentioned that I liked Starbucks - how fun is this ?!?!? I'm not sure which I like better, the giftcard or the adorable holder it came in!!

There were soo many awesome things packed into that little package and everything was color cordinated!! She even decorated the non-handmade items with tags and labels in the same colors and patterned paper. I love how the PMS Friendly flowers sentiment is perfect for the little jar of paper flowers she included!! The black and white bling, the rainbow color pad, the coffee stamp and the ever awesome wavy punch are some of my favorite things!! I've already used several of the items and can't wait to play with them some more............

Thanks Dawn so much for putting in so much thought and creative effort into my little box of stamping heaven!! I'll think of you and your generosity everytime I use them!!
Hugs and kisses - MWAH!!


  1. What a nice package to receive! It's almost as nice as that highlander you sent me.

  2. What a sweet set!! You're a lucky girl!!!

  3. I've always admired how well Dawn coordinates everything in a gift package, and this is no exception! :)

  4. Glad you liked it!! Enjoy the new toys!!