Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Dump!

Today was February 2nd, Groundhog Day. The day we are supposed to find out whether we will have an early Spring or 6 more weeks of winter weather. However, if you live anywhere in the midwest, I think the answer is plainly obvious, groundhog or no groundhog! Last night and into today we were dumped on by 20+ inches of snow!!

I decided to use my day off from work (yep, EVERYTHING was shut down) to make this card for this weeks Mojo Monday challenge, using Groundhog day and our recent snowfall as inspiration :0)

My little groundhog dude and the pp was from DCWV Greenstack. The sentiment is from Paper Makeup Stamps (perfect for my groundhog theme). I cut felt into the shape of a hilly snowbank and sewed it onto my card. The pink ribbon and button were added as a pop of color.

And here are a few pictures of the snow . . .

That is NOT the door, but the impression in the snow when we opened the back door!

A view from the street and all of the snow we have to get OUT of the driveway!

About 6 hours of shoveling and my car was free'd!! That is about 3 feet of solid packed snow on the hood of the car! I think it will take longer than 6 weeks to melt all of the snow we got!

School has already been canceled for tomorrow . . .the boys are loving it!

Hope your day was warm and cozy!
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  1. Love your adorable groundhog card! And wow, that's a LOT of snow. :) Enjoy the time off. I'm so happy to be going back to school today after 2 days off - yay!

  2. I *love* your card - from the sentiment to the snow, it's just perfect!!

  3. I wanted some snow this year but not that much! Gosh, that's a ton of snow. I love your card! The night before groundhog day, my daughter said, "I want to look my best tomorrow, it's Groundhog Day." LOL

    I thought of you over the summer when I went to the fair and saw a Scottish Highlander Cow in the animal tent. LOL He was a baby version of the big highlander that you sent me on the postcard. I took pics and plan on scrapbooking it along with that postcard.

  4. How cute!! Love this little guy in his snowbank. Hope all the snow stayed outside when you opened that door. :)