Friday, December 18, 2009

Seattle Sights

Helloooo . . . Anybody out there?!?!? Oh My!! It's been awhile, it's seems like forever since I've been crafty :0( But as stated before, family comes first and sometimes we just need to take a break . . .

Here's a little update on what's going on here;

We spent last week in Seattle. My Grandma turned 91 and for her celebration the whole family was going to be there to help her celebrate. We had planes flying in from everywhere; Boston, California, and Chicago! Unfortunately she is not in the best of health and we could only visit her for short periods at a time and she was in and out of consciousness, but she knew we were there and just being around her family perked her spirits and her condition. We asked her what she wanted to do for her big birthday and she just said - "sit here and look at my beautiful family". Grandmas are such special people . . . I love her!

So, when we weren't visiting her, we tried to keep 5 energetic kids occupied!! We did manage one day to go downtown to the Public Market.

Underneath the market down Post Alley there is a stomach churning, yet in a weird gross sort-of-way, a very cool, unique and ever changing piece of art - the Bubble Gum Wall.

No, it is not a classy place, but the gum wall is classic Seattle. It is also one of those little pieces that really make the market. Gross and probably filled with all kinds of icky sickness and bacteria, the gum wall is a site to behold... we took our picture and added our gum... life is too short to skip simple fun...

This is my youngest being assisted by Grandpa to get his to stick with his "lucky penny" he found earlier in the day.

We also got to peak around at all of the vendors - including the famous "fish throwers". Here's my middle son (the birthday boy - just turned 11 yesterday) with an interesting find :0)

And some other pretty sights...

These pepper/garlic arrangements will last up to a year!! They'll dry up but you can still pull them off as you need them!

A view of the two new sports stadiums and Mt. Rainier in the background.

Sorry I don't have anything crafty to show you. I think tomorrow I'll post some of the crafty Christmas cards I've received :0) Today is my last day of work for the rest of the year WAHOOO!!! So I'm hoping to get some crafty time in REAL soon!

Thanks for stopping by, hope your holidays are filled with family, friends and Christmas cheer!


  1. Great pics Randee... sounds like you guys had a good time! That bubble gum wall made my stomach turn a little too! Yuck!! :)

  2. Wow love your pictures. That gum wall... um wow. I'm a little speechless!

  3. What a fabulous trip! I have never been out of the south and would love to visit that part of the country one day.

  4. My first visit to your blog and WOWIE, I'm impressed! I came to see what you've done with Anna Wight's new stamps - - - but loved the photos of your trip to Seattle! I'll be back!