Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cub Scout Leader Gifts

Saturday was Blue and Gold, Cub Scouting's annual birthday party to celebrate the scouts achievements he's earned and to earn their next rank. It's also the time when the highest ranked boys crossover into Boy Scouts. I always like to get something for the leaders who have given so much of their time (sometimes 5 years) into helping little 1st graders grow up and become respectful, responsible and honest young boys. This year I found these beautiful picture frames at Hobby Lobby. They were perfect with the Scouting emblem (Fleur de lis) right on top! I also found a real nice poem online to put into the picture frame. But as always I was doing things at the last minute (6:30 a.m. Saturday morning) and discovered that I printed the poem too large to fit into the frame! So instead I made a coordinating card and slapped the poem on it instead. I stamped off the Fleur de lis in Creamy Caramel and then stamped right over the top of the poem. I thought it turned out pretty nice for a last minute attempt. The leaders liked them so that's all that matters :0)

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  1. In this frame is this poem but i was wondering where online i could clearly read this poem to see what it says.